Who We Are

Nomaditude is a student tribal belly dance troupe in Seattle, under the direction of Sharon Moore.

Tribal Belly Dance
Nomaditude debuts at
Hafla Durga

In 2002, Sharon's first student troupe, Shaia Tribe - Wild Tribal Belly Dance was born when Sharon was invited to participate in an event known as 'Dancers Supporting Dancers"--created to feature one local instructor and their students in a large recital. Thrown together as a loose company of students, from all levels of Sharon's weekly classes, the event was a huge hit, and a lot of fun.

In the years following, Shaia Tribe performed about once or twice a year, again as a loosely based collective drawn from any and all levels who had an interest in performing at a student-friendly venue. Their time together each week developed the members' skills in the dance, but more than that it fostered friendships, and a trust and comfort with one another that enhanced both their dance and their lives. A true family of women, ranging from teen to grandmother and all the walks of life in between.

Tribal Belly Dance
Shaia Tribe performs at
Dancers Supporting Dancers

The troupe today has become more codified, and is made up of Intermediate level students from Sharon Moore's classes. Though from different backgrounds, our members share one common belief: "Dance is a process of learning and evolution. We are never done growing."

We love taking to the stage to entertain our audiences, sharing the joy and personal empowerment this dance brings us, but the members of Nomaditude believe the real reason to dance is with and for one another. We vow to always make that our focus, regardless of the circumstances, and we know it will always bring us our greatest joy so long as we do. We are a tribe, above all.

If you want to know more about tribal belly dance, click on "About Tribal". Want to learn tribal belly dance yourself? There's a link for that, too!


Sharon Moore
Director - Nomaditude